Home looking for occupants

Opporturinity like this doesn't come across often

Well looked after Seitapola estate is looking for new occupants. Built in 1990 and fully resided only since 2003 an estate with quiet and peaceful surroundings. Only 20 minute drive to services of Muonio municipality and closest airport only 30 minutes away. 

Reserve price 250 000€



Municipality of Muonio

Population: 2300

The happiest municipality of Finland according to studies. In the happiest country in the World - third time in a row. That's not a bad combination. Muonio has striving tourism. 'Fell Lapland''s clean nature attractss people from all around the world. Muonio offers great services,kind people, thriving business opporturnities. Not to forget; the cleanest air on the planet.

Places of interest. Fells of Pallas, Olos, and Ruototunturi. Pallas-Yllästunturi national park, Harriniva Hotels & Safaris. Muonio also provides a good amount of culture among other things. 


Small group of houses in Muonio

Population: 11

Noidanpola is easy to miss. The few houses and buildings are mostly located in the shade of the forest. The small village is located between villages of Ylimuonio and Kätkäsuvanto, 20 kilometers north from Muonio centre. Noidan pola is between Muonio river (Swedish border) and Mielmukkavaara, a forested hill. 


It is clear that this area offers very peaceful and secure way of living. Nature here is very much present all the time providing great grounds for berry picking, lakes and rivers for fishing and so on. Municipality of Muonio offers free transportation for children to attend school.  


Main building: 300m²

Two floors Three bedrooms, livingroom on both floors, bathrooms on both floors, Sauna, shower room, kitchen, spaceous deck on ground level and big balcony above, Four entrances. Vast majority of the house has been resurfaced in 2003 when it was resided. Bathroom, Sauna, shower room have been renovated later between 2010-2015. House is currently occupied by carpenter who has kept the estate maintained at high functioning level.

Main building is heated by air-source heat pump, electric radiators and stove.

Water for the property is pristine arctic spring water. Spring is on the property so not only is the water of supreme quality, it's also free. 

Annual electricity usage for the whole property, heating 360m² of living space, heated water, appliances etc is very moderate 30000 - 34000 kWh

The annex: 160m²
Built 1990

Stell framed building includes spaceous  garage, three storage rooms. One of the storage rooms doubles as cold room. Garage also has loft of 120m². 

Building also has an apartment of 60m².  Apartment consist of living room, kitchen, bathroom. It also has a seperate boiler. 

Excellent for rental or AirBnb usage.

The estate: 69 hectares, 170 acres, 0,69 million square meters.

The vast lot has diversity of Lappish nature. There is forest with birch, pine and spruce. Also springs, a pond, streams and swamp. 

The land has high business potential especially for tourism. Relief from lowest to highest point on lot is over 150 meters. Grounds are also a great source of vitamins in the form of berries. Cloudberris, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries can all be picked from the lot. Also if you're into hunting there's possibility for that (elk, rabbit, willow grouse etc.) If you are into snowmobiling there's an official route going through the property - 400 meters from the house, behind a forest. Not seen or audible to the yard.

Courtyard is calm and quiet. Traffic sound from the rather quiet road is faint thanks to the distance and the trees between the house and the winding road to the main road. Trees also block the straight view from the road. 

In the calm premises of the woods you always are in touch with the nature. Many friends of the animal kindom also keep you company. There is lots of birds. Also you can see foxes, reindeer, elk. Every summer atching goldeneye chicks also take their first strides in the pond right outside the window. 


Welcome to see it for yourself

The estate is open for bidding. 


Reserve price: 250 000€

We give tours to see the estate. Please contact us by email. In urgent cases you can also call us. 


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